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  • “The Urgency for a National Goal,” El-Ahram, July 21, 1992
  • “Globalization and the Particularity of Cultures: Are there any Contradictions?,”  Al- Shark Al Awsat,October 24,1993
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  • “Religion and the World: Are there any Contradictions?” Al-Ahram Al- Massa’i, January 17, 1995 
  • “Is Ramadan a Month for Religious Piety or for Celebrations?”  Al-Ahram Al- Massa’i, February 7, 1995 
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  • “The Universality and Particularity in Islam”, Al-Ahram Al- Massa’i,March 7, 1995

  The following are selections of articled which were published in NahdetMisr newspaper, 

“And what is after the Clash of Civilization” , May 20/2004

• “The Making of Human Barbarism” May 25/2004
• “Racism and Political Reform”, May 31/2004
• Conditions for Reform: Real Democracy, Advanced Education and Free Civic Society”, June 15/2004
• “Are we Going to Uncover Sources of Power or will We Continue to live in Illusion”, June 26/2004
• “Cultural Aspects of Democracy”, July 4/ 2004
• “A message of Peace from Spain”, July 28/2004
• “Renaissance is not an Impossible Dream”, August 4/2004
• And tens of articles thru 2005-2006, 2008-2012

you can access Dr. Aliaa Rafea’s articles in news paper from the blog

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