Divine Revelation and Human Interpretations

Opening New Horizon

Master Ali Rafea 
is the guide of the Egyptian Society for Spiritual and Cultural Research (ESSCR).
He does not consider himself a teacher or a shaykh; he presents himself as a seeker of truth and the symbol of the spiritual circle. This attitude is a breakthrough in spiritual teaching. It marks a new approach to the guide-disciple relationship, for it implies a request from the disciples not to be dependent on outside guidance alone. Instead, a disciple must struggle to derive and understand truthful knowledge from within and through one’s own experiences. He initiated a cultural project which includes the following books: Beyond Diversity: Reflections On RevelationIslam From Adam to Muhammad and Beyond,  One Humanity – One Home: Journeys of Spiritual Seekers and Divine Revelation, and Human Interpretations: Opening New Horizons around which this webinar takes place.