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Contributors to the book – Sacred Seed)

The International Association of Sufism participated in the Parliament of the World’s Religions, which convened in Barcelona, Spain from July 7 through 14, 2004.

An Integrative Approach in Facing Climate Change”2019

Book Signing



Ancient Wisdom and Present Day Expressions

Dr Aliaa Rafea and Dr. Adel El Beltagy, participation in Women Economic Forum



This year WEF 2016 “Iconic Women Leaders In Conflict Resolution & Peace” award was received by Dr.Aliaa Rafea Women EconomicForum


the International Sufi Symposium. 2008



د. علياء ود. عادل مع د مايا مرسي رئيس المجلس القومي للمرأة وسيادة السفير حاتم تاج الدين سفير مصر في الهند وتتوسط الصورة أحد المشاركات

Dr Aliaa Rafea, Dr. Adel El Beltagy, Dr Maya Morcy the President of The National Council For Women in Egypt) and Ambassador Hatem Tageldin participation in Women Economic Forum


مؤتمر عقد في ايسلاندا


The Spirit of Humanity