1. Invited to share forum on “Human Rights and The Children living in Streets, within the Framework of Human Trafficking”, under the auspices of National Egyptian Center for Human Rights, and the Nation Center for Criminology and Sociology”,  October 18/2009  
  • Cairo University Conference on Globalization and the Daily Life, May 4-6, 2004, presented a paper titled “Youth and Globalization: A Pilot Comparative Study”
  • The First Conference on Egyptian Anthropology, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, December 4-6, 1995
  • The Egyptian Philosophical Society Annual Conference, Cairo, Egypt, December 16-18, 1995, presented a paper titled “Interpretative Anthropology and Objectivity”
  • Egyptian Philosophical Society Conference, Cairo, Egypt, June 29 – July 1, 1992, presented a paper titled “Towards a National Cultural Project”
  • Coordinated The Egyptian Human Rights Organization forum on Freedom of Thoughts, Beliefs and Expression, Cairo, Egypt,  May 1-2, 1992 
  • The Egyptian Human Rights Organization forum on Economic and Social Rights, Cairo, Egypt, 1990, presented a paper titled “Empowerment and Peasants’ Human Rights”.
  • Center for Arabic Studies Conference on “The Question of Peasantry”, Cairo, Egypt, April 28-29, 1991, presented a paper titled “Productive Labor in the Egyptian Village”.