1. Attended Women Economic Forum, held under the auspices of All Ladies League (ALL),  (May, 12-16/ 2016), gave a presentation titled: “New Horizon for Women Voyage” Awarded a prize for her contribution for Human Oneness. 
  2. In collaboration between Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the Human Foundation, she coordinated a symposium titled WOMEN GATHERING FOR CHANGE (March 16-19). She opened the symposium and presented a paper: “The Need for a Shift of Consciousness” .
  3. Invited to Attend the Second Forum, held by the Spirit of Humanity in Reykjavik, in Iceland, in April 2014 
  4. Hosted by the Supreme Council of Culture to lead a forum on Her translated book the Root of All Evil, on the occasion of the International Woman Day, March 8, 2013
  5. Address to the United Nation Head Quarter in Nairobi: “Shifting from a paradigm of separation and division to one of oneness and human unity.  She was invited by  the Global Peace Initiative of  Women  in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the GPIW : “Awakening the Healing Heart The Tenth Anniversary Celebration Program of GPIW UN Headquarters”, Nairobi, and Gallmann Conservancy, Laikipia, Kenya, March 2-7th, 2012.
  6. By invitation from GPIW, she attended a meeting in Japan in September to share meditation practices and religious rituals for the betterment of the world community. (15-19 September 2012).
  7. Moderated a session titled “Finding Unity in Diversity: The Value of Spiritual Exchange for Universal Values as the Foundation for Social Transformation: An Inter-Spiritual Forum in Cairo Egypt, Orgnized by  the Global Peace Initiative of Women & Civilizations Exchange and Cooperation Foundation, November 15-17 2011 
  8. Lecture on Globalization and the Future of the World, Indian Embassy, Cairo, June 2008 
  9. Presentation of her co-authored book “The Root of all Evil” to the Community of American University in Cairo, February 25, 2008
  10. Address to SERAFIS Cultural Society: “Spirituality in Everyday life”,  January 14, 2006. 
  11. Address to Cultural Wheel: “Beyond Space and Place”,  October 9 2005 
  12. Address to SERAFIS Cultural Society, March 15, 2005, Egyptian Identity between the Past and the Present 
  13. Address to Court Street United Methodist Church: Introducing Islam, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA, April 7, 2002
  14. Address to Trinity Lutheran Church: Beyond Diversities, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA, March 17, 2002
  15. Address to St. Paul Episcopal Church: Islam and Peace, January 20, 2002 
  16. Public speech, “Universal Aspects in Islam,” at Randolph-Macon Women’s College, Lynchburg, Virginia, April 4, 2002. Comments on the lecture appeared in News & Advance, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA, Local Section, April 5, 2002  
  17. “Egypt and the Twenty first Century,”  Opera House,  Cairo, Egypt, Summer 2001
  18. On the theme of “Islam and the Modern World,” a joint address with Algeria’s Ambassador Mustafa El-Sherif, and Dr. M. Sayed Said,  Society of Refa’a al Tahtawy,  Cairo, Egypt, January 14, 2001
  19. “The Egyptian Identity and Future Prospects,” Cairo International Book Exhibition, December 1996. On the same theme, gave a lecture at the Opera House in  May 1997
  20. “Art and Freedom from an Anthropological Perspective,” at The Fine Art Society, Cairo, Egypt, January 12, 1995 
  21. “Art and Religion from an Anthropological Perspective,” at The Fine Art Society, Cairo, Egypt, January 13, 1994
  22. “Women’s Movement & Religion in Egypt,” at San Diego State University, California, USA, March 1986
  23. “The Veil as a Political Symbol”, Egypt My love Society, The American University in Cairo, February 1984