Live Webinar

Divine Revelation and Human Interpretations: Opening New Horizons

Professor Aliaa Rafea, president of the Human Foundation, Professor Adel El -Beltagy, Professor Fathi Saleh, and the respected board members have the pleasure to invite you to a Webinar held on May 27th, 2022 at 7  PM CLT, 5 PM GMT, where Master Ali Rafea will present his approach to dealing with the Divine Revelation as introduced in the Book Divine Revelation and Human Interpretations:  Opening New Horizons. 

Master Ali Rafea will discuss major issues that puzzled Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. He revisits verses in the Qur’an that some Muslims use to reduce religious commitment to forms, build barriers between Muslims and Non- Muslims, or limit Shari’a to percepts and boundaries, as well as,  sheds light on Islam as an inclusive religion that finds its roots in the primordial nature of humans. Master Ali Rafea’s approach encourages continuous and unlimited interpretations, as long as those interpretations align with the message of love, mercy, and peace. We expect this Webinar to trigger a wider scope to learn more about the meaning of Islam as embedded in the humans’ souls. 

We welcome you to be part of this Webinar.

Master Ali Rafea is the Egyptian Society for Spiritual and Cultural Research’s leader (

The Human Foundation (

Ali Rafea does not consider himself a teacher or a shaykh but a seeker of truth. This attitude marks a new approach to the guide-disciple relationship, for it implies a request from the disciples not to be dependent on outside guidance. Instead, a disciple must strive and understand knowledge from within and through one’s own experiences.

Ali Rafea, known in his mundane life as Professor Dr. Ahmed Rafea, is a prominent scholar in Computer Science. He obtained his Ph.D. in France and is now a professor at the American University in Cairo (AUC). Professor Rafea has led many projects aiming at using Artificial Intelligence Technologies, namely: Expert Systems, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, for developing applications in different domains like Expert Systems in Agriculture, Machine Translation, and Social Media Mining. Professor Rafea has authored over 200 scientific papers in international and national journals, conference proceedings, and book chapters.